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Get Pregnant with PCOS

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Learn the essential strategies you need in order to get pregnant quickly with PCOS and have the baby you've been dreaming of

Whether you’re contemplating getting pregnant in the near future or you’re on your fourth round of IVF, this program is designed to help you successfully navigate the seemingly endless world of PCOS and fertility health guidance out there. 
Created, designed, and produced by Registered Dietitian, PCOS expert, and fellow PCOS cyster Cory Levin, this program combines all of the research on fertility and PCOS and boils it down into six weeks of easy-to-take, actionable steps.

Get Pregnant with PCOS is a program designed to help you address the reasons why you might have been unsuccessful in the past and gain the essential tools you need in order to successfully conceive quickly and have the baby you've been dreaming of.

1 out of every 10 women of childbearing age has PCOS

PCOS is the most common endocrine problem for women worldwide and the leading cause of infertility in the United States. 

PCOS may cause oligoovulation or anovulation, which means women with this condition either ovulate irregularly or not at all. Because it is 100% impossible to get pregnant naturally without ovulating, many women with PCOS find when they are ready to start their families, they are unsuccessful. 

The symptoms of PCOS can greatly improve and fertility can be restored through the proper diet and lifestyle changes.

Get Pregnant with PCOS is a course designed to address the changes you can take to optimize your fertility and get pregnant.

About the Course

Open to women anywhere in the world, this is a six-week program that caters to a multitude of different learning styles and covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Nutrition for PCOS and fertility: what exactly to eat to nourish your hormones and what foods to limit to mitigate your PCOS  
  • Tracking your cycle for optimal fertility: how to harness the power of your cycle to help you conceive faster
  • Supplements for PCOS and fertility: which ones are the most useful for YOUR journey and which (expensive) ones you can toss
  • Stress reduction techniques and PCOS-specific strategies for self-care and cortisol regulation
  • Exercise for PCOS and fertility: finally learn what the BEST exercise routine is in order to improve your PCOS and support your fertility journey
  • Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) and how to limit your exposure for optimal fertility
  • How to optimize your sleep cycles and gut health for your PCOS and how these can both play a role in your ability to conceive

Get Pregnant with PCOS uses an intuitive web-based platform separated into six different learning modules over six weeks. It also includes exclusive access to a private Facebook community where you and your fellow cysters can ask each other questions, support and bounce ideas off one another, and have direct one-on-one communication with Cory.
Live videos will be dropped throughout the program via the Facebook community so you can ask Cory your individual questions on the topics of your choice. 

The program is only open to the first 50 women who sign up- that's it.

Brought to you by Registered Dietitian, women’s health expert, and PCOS specialist, Cory Levin, MS, RDN

This program supports you every step of the way in gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully conceive when you have PCOS.  

A fellow PCOS cyster herself, Cory dealt with severely irregular cycles her entire adult life until she began nourishing her body with the right nutrition, supplements, and exercise routine. In February of 2019, she conceived completely naturally, avoiding the potential tens of hundreds of thousands of dollars she and her husband could have faced. She is now getting ready to give birth to a very healthy little girl.

Cory has spent over nine years studying nutritional science and received her Master’s degree in Nutritional Science. She spent time interning at Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center where she gained in-depth clinical knowledge pertaining to prenatal and postpartum care. Afterwards, she opened up her own practice, The Women’s Dietitian, where she now works exclusively with women to help them conceive, balance their hormones, and put their PCOS into remission. 

There is no better time than now

Science consistently shows our fertility takes a rapid downturn after the age of 30 due to diminishing egg quantity and quality.
In order to maximize our fertility, it's imperative we learn the necessary steps from a qualified expert in the field in order to get pregnant with PCOS.
There is no better time to start than now.


  • When does the program officially begin?

    The program will officially begin and the first module will be released on September 2nd. Before then, you can enroll and then join our Facebook community so you can start connecting with Cory and other cysters in the program!

  • Can I go at my own pace?

    The program is designed week-by-week, meaning each week a new learning module will be released for you. If you have to skip a week or two, no worries, You can pick up right where you left off! You will have open access to all modules of the program until November 29th. A new section of the program will open up to you every week on Tuesdays!

  • Do I have to be actively trying to get pregnant to join this program?

    This program is for ANY woman with PCOS looking to optimize her fertility. That means, it's perfect for you whether you're just starting your fertility journey, on your 4th round of IVF or IUI, or you're looking to conceive in several years. Remember, this program only runs for six weeks so it won't be around forever. If you have PCOS and want to be a mom in the future, this program is an investment in your health.

  • Can I join the program even if I don't live in the United States?

    Yes! This program is open to you no matter where you live! The price is the same and you can even change the language to better suit your needs.

  • How long is the program? How many spots are available in the program?

    The full program runs six weeks and each learning module will take you roughly 45 minutes to complete. Only 50 spots total are available. That's it!

  • How do I access the Facebook community once I join the program?

    Once you officially join the program, instructions will show you how to join and access the exclusive Facebook community where you can start connecting with Cory and other members in the group.

  • What is the learning format?

    Lessons will include text, audio, and downloadable, printable, and easy-to-use supplementary worksheets! In the exclusive Facebook community, Cory will frequently go live so you can ask your questions directly to Cory. Cory will pin the video so if you miss the live, you can go back and watch it at any time! Additionally, we will feature another leading expert, Kayla Jade from The PCOS Bible to go live and answer questions!

  • What will I learn from this program?

    This program will equip you with the essential tools you need to tackle the hurdles potentially holding you back from conceiving when you have PCOS. From dietary education, to the proper supplement routine, to exercise habits, to self-care strategies...this program covers it all AND MORE.

  • If I don't get pregnant, do I get a refund?

    Everything you learn in this program will be valuable to you in some way! Because we cannot guarantee any particular result, we cannot offer refunds at this time.

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Meet your Instructor

Cory Levin, MS, RD and women's health expert

Cory Levin

Cory Levin


Hi! I'm Cory Levin, Registered Dietitian and women's health expert! As a fellow PCOS cyster, I am all too familiar with the frustration that comes along with irregular and nonexistent cycles when trying to conceive. I struggled for years trying to regulate my cycle naturally and was always simply offered the birth control pill by my doctor. It wasn't until I made the right changes to my diet, sleep and exercise routines, supplement regimen, and took a serious look at my stress levels and gut that I finally got pregnant naturally without medical intervention. As someone who works solely with women in hormone balance and fertility, I felt it was the right time to finally share all of my knowledge and expertise with others in the same boat to help them successfully conceive. With the right tools in your toolkit, it's 100% possible to Get Pregnant with PCOS.

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